Hortyfruta gets an apology out of Dutch TV for insulting its tomatoes

HORTYFRUTA, the large fruit and veg cooperative that grows and exports a lot of Almerias’ veg, has, after two months of legal wrangling and discussion, got Dutch TV to agree to air an apology for a documentary that said that Almerian tomatoes were “unhealthy” due to their growth conditions and high level of pesticides.

The Dutch Ministry of Health has confirmed that Almeria tomatoes are no more unhealthy than any other tomato, which left Dutch TV more or less without a leg to stand on. The apology will be aired tomorrow (11th November) and will be available to view on Hortyfrutas webpage. The apology will also include a recipe for Andalucian Gazpacho as an example of how tomatoes can be good for you.

You will remember that Hortyfruta were the main people behind the registering of the trademark “RAF” as a premier organic tomato of quality (“Tomates RAF! Only grown in Almeria” said a large sign in a supermarket last time I visited Madrid, which pleased me no end).

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  1. I thought Almerian tomatoes were basically identical to how Dutch tomatoes used to be – full of chemicals and flavourless – because the Dutch had invested in production there. If they’re good, how come we can’t get any worth eating in Barcelona?

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