Mr J’s getting married!

How exciting! My (our) good friend Justin has just proposed to his argentian girlfriend, Aldana. She has accepted, apparantly in delight, but we’re not ruling out a last minute flight to the airport just yet. 🙂 And yes, wise guy, she has permanent residency in Spain already! So now for ideas for the stag do. I’m voting for Las Vegas!

Mounted police problems in El Ejido

The Guardia Civil recently trialled sending round mounted police to patrol the many greenhouses in the area. This seems to have been a great success, inasmuch as it’s cut crime. So successful that the Guardia have announced their intention to resume patrols later this month. However, they are a bit miffed that on Friday some joker broke into the police stables, opened the doors and shooed the police horses out into the fields. It seems Continue reading Mounted police problems in El Ejido

How the Albox water saga ended

From what I can gather in the press: -GALASA was paid €50,000 by Albox town hall to keep the water running for at least another 30 days. -There is still €800,000 outstanding in back water bills. -The town hall is expected to fire GESTAGUA and replace them with GALASA as the water suppliers for the area. -GESTAGUA, which still has several years of the contract left to run, is expected to take Albox to court for Continue reading How the Albox water saga ended