GALASA gives Albox a month before cutting off water

After what seems to be some high level involvement, GALASA has agreed to give Albox town hall another months worth of water and not cut it off in 24 hours.

An emergency meeting of Albox town hall agreed to setup an investigation into the reasons for the nonpayment of back bills to Albox and will try to decide who is responsable for the water problems.

They also agreed that it was impossible to ask the citizens of Albox to pay twice for their water and will try to find a solution, and also to rescue GESTAGUA from its problems.The Mayor of Albox, Jose Garcia Navarro, said that cutting off the water “was inadmissable” and that nobody in the administration would permit it.

Reading between the lines? Honour is satisified. Everybody has got the message. A back bill to GALASA will be paid. If GALASA needs more time to pay some invoices they can blame Albox for not paying and use that as a reason for negotiation. The regional government has (behind the scenes) smoothed things over. And nobody looses votes. Told you the mayor would come out smelling of roses!

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