Bin Ladins son denied asylum in Spain

The Ministry of the Interior has denied Omar Bin Ladins (Osama Bin Ladins 17th son) asylum request to enter Spain, saying that they do not believe his life is in danger if he is denied entry into Spain. They cite a report by the UN High Commission for Refugees which also said his life is not in danger.

Omar is still in Barajas airport in a holding cell, and has 24 hours to appeal against the decision. If the UNHCR agrees that his life is in danger if he continues with his voyage then he will be automatically granted temporary aslyum while the courts process his claims.

You may remember that the UK also refused him entry, saying that his presence in the UK would cause undue stress to locals living near him. And possibly give the Daily Mail readers a heart attack.

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  1. What, with ZP so desperate to go to the G20 conference, you think he’s going to give Bin Ladin Jnr asylum? I should think he must have had a fit when he heard about it!!

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