Bin Ladins son denied asylum in Spain

The Ministry of the Interior has denied Omar Bin Ladins (Osama Bin Ladins 17th son) asylum request to enter Spain, saying that they do not believe his life is in danger if he is denied entry into Spain. They cite a report by the UN High Commission for Refugees which also said his life is not in danger. Omar is still in Barajas airport in a holding cell, and has 24 hours to appeal against Continue reading Bin Ladins son denied asylum in Spain

Garrucha commercial centre gets back on track

The project commercial centre in Garrucha – which has the necessary permits from the Junta – has got back on track after Sevillana – Endesa, the electrical company, backed down on demands for an upfront paymet of 16 million euros. It seems that Endesa refused to carry out the necessary work to supply the area with electrical power unless an upfront payment of around 16M € was paid by the promoters, as Endesa felt that Continue reading Garrucha commercial centre gets back on track

Goodbye nasty sleeping policemen!

body {margin:8px} .tr-field {font:normal x-small arial} God knows they’re everywhere – those ridiculous barriers to motorised progress, the vicious sleeping policemen, known in Spanish as “Paso de peatones elevados” or “Elevated Pedestrian Crossings”. See Turre main street for some good examples. Well, as from last Thursday, the Ministerio de Fomento has issued a decree, binding in all of Spain, on the proper construction of these menaces. The maximum permitted height is 10 cm, and the Continue reading Goodbye nasty sleeping policemen!