You can tell there is a recession on because…

…all government press releases on projects contracted suddenly have the expected number of jobs created included in a prominent position.

I.E.: “The Junta announces an improvement project for the Huercal Overa – Pulpi road. Costing 13,5 million euros, and expected to last 30 months, this project will create 236 jobs (137 directly and 99 indirectly)”. See Story.

How do they calculate “indirect jobs”? Working out how many waiters, chefs and prostitutes are needed to service the “direct” jobs?

One Reply to “You can tell there is a recession on because…”

  1. One of the jobs must go inevitably to a beancounter, as the budgeted ‘costs’ on the noticeboard are always amazingly exact:
    Viz. 13.501.466,32€
    I’ve always been mightily impressed by that (it’s the 32 cents that always gets me)…

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