Spain invades Portugal to stop Communism (maybe?)

As secret plans are revealed under Spains version of the 30 year rule, showing that Franco ordered his generals to draw up plans in the early 70’s for the invasion of Portugal “in order to prevent the spread of Communism”, Spanish and Portuguese press are Not Quite Sure what to Make Of It.

I like “El Intermedios” view of it, as “El Gran Wyoming” (O Gran Polloming) imagines the Spanish invasion of Portugal followed by the loss of victory due to Franco overdoing the Vallium and the withdrawal to Murcia, followed by the collapse of Spain and occupation by Portugal. Portuguese TV then complaining about “freedom fighters in the Basque Province attempting to form a new country called… “Espana””. And then complaining about the product placement on Portuguese TV. “O Cota do Sol!” exclaims Africa Luca de Tena. “O destinacion prefido do turista guiri. Ahora con toalla! Suave confortable y ahore de textil!”. (In pseudo Portuguese – The favourite destination of the foriegner. Now with towels! Smooth, comfortable and now with textiles!” as she shows us a pile of towels.

Well, it’s funny if you see it on TV. All comments about the soverign integrity of the Basque Country or the beauty of the Portuguese language or how Franco is a god should be directed to La Sexta TV.

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