Franco no longer “favourite son” of El Ferrol

El Ferrol -Francos birthplace, and the wettest town in Spain, up in the top left corner of Spain- has voted to disown its most famous son. He has been stripped of his title of “Honoury Mayor” of El Ferrol. He has also been stipped of his title of “Favourite son” (Hijo Predilictio). I notice that all the various political groups voted in favour of these two measures, with the exception of the P.P. which abstained.

New traffic law under consideration – also targets foriegners

The text of the new traffic law which has now been passed for voting aims to cut the time in collecting traffic fines to under a month, doubles the cost of many fines but allows early payers to have discounts of up to 40% off. Under the new law you will only receive one notification of a fine, which can now be sent via email. Companies will have to register an official email address for Continue reading New traffic law under consideration – also targets foriegners

IU claims victory as Judge paralyses modification of natural park Cabo de Gata

<!– @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –> The Izquierda Unida is claiming victory today as the Supreme Court of Andalucia ordered the suspension of the PORN (Plan de Ordenacion de Recursos Naturales, Plan for the Ordenation of Natural Resouces) for Almeria, which the IU claimed gave the company Azata del Sol clear permission to continue with it’s (currently, allegedly) illegal hotel El Algarrobico. It seems that the Continue reading IU claims victory as Judge paralyses modification of natural park Cabo de Gata

An afternoon in Almeria

Do you know, I actually quite like Almeria city. It’s got the small town friendliness of Jaen or Cordoba, but better shops; and while it doesn’t compare to Granada or Seville for shopping or dining, the people are friendlier and a lot less pijo. Why, walking down the street behind the market at Puerta Purchena this afternoon, a marching band started up and three uni lads started doing the paso doble in the middle of Continue reading An afternoon in Almeria

Mediterranean diet hotline number

Here’s a good one: Courtesy of the Ministry for Agriculture & Fisheries, you can now call 902 99 64 23 and be put through to a dietician who can advise you on almost any questions you may have about the Mediterranean (or Andalucian) diet. Recipes, how best to cook a tomato, how many calories are in a home cured morcilla – think of a question related to the Med diet and we’ll answer it, is Continue reading Mediterranean diet hotline number

TOMATOMAN – a supertomato hero from Almeria

Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? NO, it’s TOMATOMAN!!!! Basically, he’s a superhero dreamed up by the marketing “experts” at La Canada – Nijar Tomato Association to sell more tomatos in Germany and Netherlands. 300,000€ he cost, 55% paid for by The State. He comes with a comic book and will appear at trade fairs and the like, promoting Almerian tomatos. And he’s as bad as the flaming Ecoheroes.

Dognapping in Zurgena

According to a long story in La Voz de Almería, a lady called Josefa Garcia, living in El Rocío de Alfoquía in Arboleas, returned to her home to discover her door kicked in and her dog missing, a three year old French bulldog bitch called “Bebé”. She left to hunt for her dog, and returned at nightfall to discover a large number of clothes she had brought for a new shop she was opening had Continue reading Dognapping in Zurgena

Brief hailstorm causes chaos

Never one to be left out of the national picture, Almería celebrated it’s own freak weather yesterday when a hailstorm left what has been described as “a trail of chaos” in its wake. Some greenhouses were damaged in El Ejido, La Mojonera & Aguadulce and Roquetas del Mar got quite a bit of (by now) frozen rain. No damage to persons was recorded, although the Local Police & Bomberos had to shut a couple of Continue reading Brief hailstorm causes chaos

No more night beach parties in Benidorm

As from Monday, the town hall of Benidorm has ordered that anybody found on any of the 5 main beaches between 12 midnight and 7 in the morning is to be cautioned or, if incapicitated (ie, pissed), fined up to €750. Mainly due to the fact that the tractors they send out at night to clean the beaches keep running over drunks asleep on the beach. Nothing to do with the need to swell the Continue reading No more night beach parties in Benidorm