National Police inspector jailed for blackmail “will not be dismissed”

E.M.A., the Policia Nacional Inspector who has just been jailed for 10 months for blackmailing a woman who was supposedly under his protection (she had been assigned a police direct liasion officer while giving evidence against an abusive partner) will not be dismissed from the force, the Andalucia head of the National Police confirmed.

He had extorted several quantities of money from the woman under his protection, threatening that otherwise the case “would go against her and she would lose custody of her children”.

It seems that this was a dereliction of duty of second duties, which is not punishable by dismissal and is likely to just face a fine, although this has not been fully decided yet.

He was suspended from active duties when the complaint was lodged, but the police code does not contemplate dismissal or demotion for such activities “which do not form part of his main duties”. Despite being jailed for 10 months.

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