English Press in Spain

This was going to be a rant about the Euro Weekly and their racist, puerile, anti Magaret Thatcher columnists, but then I realised I couldn’t be bothered.

So instead, I went for a short walk and looked at a rack of the “English” press. Here are the headlines:

The Sun: “Russell yelled “Qué?” in bed (and didn’t know what he was doing)”.
The Mirror: “Ross: I’m stupid. Brand: I Quit”.
The Express: “Joke on us as Ross suspended and costs us 16,000GBP a day”
The Mail: “Day of reckoning as Ross’s career hangs in the balance”.
The Times: “Congo faces all out war (UN peacekeeping force demands reinforcements)”

Well, I suppose the EuroWeekly are just trying to keep up with their big brother brethern. I shall stick with The Times. And to those of you muttering “snob” I simply quote “Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense”.

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  1. Lenox old bean- how dare you impugn the reputation and journalistic integrety of a fine, established and much loved publication that, to many people, is their only route to the outside world. Fine, so we have the occassional lewd remark, spelling mistake or racist rant, but The Beano is still a damn fine comic.

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