Cheese tasting night 5th Nov at Degusta 22

I’m told that “Degusta 22”, the gourmet shop in Las Bouganvillas, Vera (the roundabout on the outskirts of Garrucha) is having a cheese tasting night with a professional… what do you call a cheese maker? Let´s leave it as a cheese and wine sommelier.

Taking place on Wednesday 5th November, starting at 7.30pm, they will be combining the very finest in British cheeses with appropiate Spanish wines. Advice will be given to restauranteers looking to renovate their cheese and wine menus. Imported British cheeses and hard to find Spanish wines will be available to purchase, either individually or for catering.

Entrance is free. The fellow who told me about it has a nose and a moustache that proclaims that he knows his wines, so I may well pop along myself.

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  1. I read your item about the November cheese degustation at the Delicatessen shop on Mojácar playa, and my immediate reaction was that I wouldn´t go there even if they paid me. I visited it a first time, had a look around — especially at the cheeses — they looked quite dry and unappetizing, the prices were silly and there was nothing you couldn´t find much better in Mercadona. All the same, I popped in a second time just because I had noticed a display of supposedly home made crisps to the left of the entrance — I was having friends for dinner and thought such crisps would be a treat with the apéritifs — but while I was standing there studying the variety of these special and expensive crips the woman behind the desk with the dry cheeses interrupted me, more or less shouting that there were lots of other things to be seen — I tried to explain that I had come only for those crisps but she babbled on, rather unpleasantly — I probably didn´t look like their dream client — until I lost my temper and said goodbye. — There is absolute nothing of interest to be found in this stupid shop — whose entrance looks like that of a funeral parlor — and it wouldn´t surprise me if it soon got bust.

    Britt Arenander

  2. Mojacar Playa or Vera? This one (I’ve never been there, by the way) is by the big roundabout leaving Garrucha for Vera. Which one is yours?

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