Falete’s ex-fiance may “like girls”

I have just watched the news on TVE1, Canal Sur, Cuatro, La Sexta, and 5. And every single one mentioned Falete, his (her?) breakup and the ex. Before, I may add, such important things as the bad weather or ETA terrorists arrested for forming a new cell. This happy little chap is Falete, the over weight, annoying, irratating pre op transexual Flamenco singer: and this is Ivan, the boyfriend who falsified his own kidnapping, apparantly Continue reading Falete’s ex-fiance may “like girls”

Meson Geres (Vera)

Meson Geres is in Vera, and a place I first discovered while having a quick coffee with the subdirector of Banco Andalucia. It’s hidden in between the banks and the notaries, and as such, is clean, quick and tasty. They do a “quick” menu del dia, in which you sit down, the waiter comes out, rattles off a long list of food, and you order the only item on the menu you heard. The food Continue reading Meson Geres (Vera)