PSOE Almería members to show personal assets on webpages

PSOE Almería have agreed to order all elected PSOE councillors to display their personal wealth, salary and assets on their personal webpage / blog, or if they don’t have one, on the central PSOE webpage or townhall webpage.

This is to encourage more transparency in public office, and is along lines already agreed by other PSOE groups across Spain. The general idea being, of course, if Juan el de la Paella joined the local townhall in 2007 with €5000 in the bank, and left with €50,000, suspicions may be aroused as to why he’s called “el de la Paella” and declaring his assets may help allay them. *

*tomando Paella con el Alcalde being slang for slipping a little something under the table in exchange for a signature. If you get my drift.

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