One man crimewave arrested in Almuñécar

A fellow who is 32, and has spent 12 years in jail, has been arrested for over 60 breaking and entering offenses in the Granada town of Almuñécar over the last 6 months. He was released, 6 months ago, from jail and went straight back into crime.

M.A.R.B. has been arrested over 25 times, and has spent 12 years in jail for different robbery offenses. He would break into several flats at a time, stealing any money or valuables lying around, then lie low for a few days.

The Guardia Civil have recovered over €60,000 worth of valuables from his house. He has been identified in these 60 odd robberies by his fingerprints and shoe prints. The file on him is currently running at 1200 sheets of paper, and “shows no sign of stopping its growth”.

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