Queen + Paul Rodgers

Friday night I was priviledged to go up to Murcia to see Queen (well, two of them anyway) with Paul Rodgers.

As you can see, we were quite close to the stage. Good job, too, when you take a look behind us:

Yup, there were a lot of people there. 12,000 according to the press. A lot of them seemed to be Brits. Even the touts outside flogging Tshirts seemed to be Brits.

In the queue to get in, there was a large Cockney fella flogging some shirts at €10 a pop. Sold 4 to a Spaniard in front of us, despite not speaking a word of Spanish. A bag? he shouted at the Spaniard. This ain’t fecking Marks & Sparks mate!. “Que ha dicho?” the Spanish muttered. One sighed “It was bad enough when we just had moros, moros. Now we’ve got moros ingleses?”

The crowd was very well behaved. Lots of families with kids. Ocassional whiff of dodgy cigarrettes. Security seemed mainly concerned with confiscating bottles of water and sandwiches, probably just to make us pay €3 for a small beer. More expensive than Bedar fiesta. Whatever happened to good old fashioned Rock & Roll n sex n drugs? Most we get is overpriced beer, stale expensive rolls, mass produced Tshirts and elderly fellas reliving their glory days. Still, we had fun.

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