Asuntxu autopull cerveceria Mojacar Playa (self serve beer!)

Asuntxu is a fun little place on Mojacar Playa with tapas and a twist – you serve your own beer from the taps installed in the centre of the tables. It’s actually good fun, just choose a table, get it switched on and off you go, pulling your own beers. Drink as little or as much as you want to, and get charged by the centilitre. €5 for a litre, which isn’t much more than Continue reading Asuntxu autopull cerveceria Mojacar Playa (self serve beer!)

Queen + Paul Rodgers

Friday night I was priviledged to go up to Murcia to see Queen (well, two of them anyway) with Paul Rodgers. As you can see, we were quite close to the stage. Good job, too, when you take a look behind us: Yup, there were a lot of people there. 12,000 according to the press. A lot of them seemed to be Brits. Even the touts outside flogging Tshirts seemed to be Brits. In the Continue reading Queen + Paul Rodgers