No shopping mall for El Toyo

A cornerstone of El Toyo (the luxury residential and commercial area between Almería and Cabo de Gata, and a model for our own Llano Central) was going to be 120,000m2 of shopping – a centre that would rival Murcias Nueva Condomina. A proposal was sent, with a flourish, to Ikea and El Corte Ingles. Now that reality has settled in, the promotors have quietly asked the Diputación for permission to slightly scale down the proposal. Continue reading No shopping mall for El Toyo

Mushroom wars

“Up north” of Almería (Tahal, Senés, Abla or Bayárcal way) you can find masses of edible and expensive mushrooms (or setas as they’re called in Spanish). The big round ones you see in the supermarkets. They fetch 20 – 40 € a kilo on the open market*. The locals collect them, under license from the town hall, and then pay a small tax on the amount collected before selling the rest on. But this trade Continue reading Mushroom wars