Junta will legalise a large number of urban centres throughout the Almanzora

In the IV Urban Planning conference in Albox yesterday, Luis Caparros, AKA “Mr Demolition Man”, announced that the Juntas’ Planning Department would proceed to legalise “a large number” of illegalurban centres” that are scattered across the Almanzora.

The Juntas’ definition of “urban centre” is of several houses in close proximity that can be used to justify the reclassification of the surrounding land to urban and the consequent construction of houses next to them. If you remember, this was why the Priors house was demolished, as it was deemed that it together with the neighbouring houses (also under a demolition order, not yet executed) could form the nucleus of a new village.

In brief, this is the expected announcement that the Junta will start legalising lots of nonthreatening homes, which will allow them to have connections to utilities – and, of course, be taxed.

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