Prision to be built in the Almanzora valley?

The Mancomunidad de Municipios del Valle del Almanzora (the association of mayors from the Almanzora valley) has suggested building a prision in the area. According to their calculations this would result in the creation of over 1000 jobs and increase security in the area.

They have already planned a jaunt up to Granada to see how a village there copes with a prision, and have created a subcommittee to study the pros and cons of the idea. It seems that all mayors in the area, with the exception of the mayor of Lúcar, are all for it. If the subcommittee recommends it, then they will put the idea to the National Government.

However, the police department have, when contacted, confirm that a prision in the area does not figure in their 2006-2012 plans, and “no decision would be taken for a few years”. So it’s probably just an attention grabbing way for the mayors to say that, yes, they are thinking of how to increase employment in the area, and will never come to fruition.

Sounds like somebody’s been playing SimCity again!

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