“Falete” rides again

Falete is a large, unpleasant, loud pre op transsexual gypsy with a voice “from the angels” (according to those who understand coplas and traditional Andalucian music) who, together with his boyfriend, is being investigated as his boyfriend recently falsified his own kidnapping.

While the police are now satisified that nobody else was involved in the deception, Falete has announced today that he is breaking off the engagement to the boyfriend: “due to the lies, I cannot trust him” he sobbed.

The Police have now released two theories as to why the boyfriend falsified his kidnapping –

A) It was a promotional stunt to promote Faletes next CD:
B) The boyfriend was late for a date with Falete and panicked.

As you can imagine, the Spanish press are happily assuming the second case. Or as someone put it last night – “Thank god they found him. I was afraid Falete had sat on him”.

All this is true, in case you can’t believe it. “Spain is different”!

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