Britain and Germany complain about Spains expropiation of coastal properties

According to El País (story), Great Britain and Germany have asked for an official explanation of Spain’s policy of seizing ownership of lands and properties on the coast.

The law, the infamous Ley de Costas, which nationalises all land and buildings within 100m of the high water mark and which recently caused an entire village in the Canaries to be bulldozed, is causing problems.

The British embassy in Spain has asked for clarifications on several occasions, but this latest move is seen as a step towards making an official complaint to the Kingdom of Spain as regards the loss of properties of British and German citizens. In many cases property owners have lost possession of their homes, although they are allowed to live there for a further 30 years (in some cases extendably for a further 30). A large number of Spaniards have been affected by this law, in many cases owners of houses that have been there for a long time.

A spokesperson from the British Embassy says that it is fighting for it’s citizens rights and intends to join forces with other embassies to lobby the Spanish Government for the rights of their citizens.

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