Well I never. Just read an interesting report about how Aguadulce owes its name to the incredibly pure springwater found in the area. Old timers remember how if you dug down in the sand on the beach you could drink the water found there. An investigation by the National Institute of Colonisation in 1960 found an underground flow of water straight from the Sierra Nevada down to the beach there, and recommended that the whole Continue reading Aguadulce

It’s going to be easier to setup a company!

Anybody who has ever had to go through the hassle of trying to setup a company in Spain will know full well the problems, the heartache, the constant trips to the notario needed to get it going and off the ground. For example: I’ve setup a ltd company in the UK in under 24 hours, for 64GBP and over the phone. Setting up a Spanish company took me 6 months, two trips to the notario, Continue reading It’s going to be easier to setup a company!