ADIF signs contract for expropiation of lands for the AVE

ADIF (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias, the Spanish organisation that runs the train networks) has signed the contracts for the consultation and assistance in expropriations of terrains for four sections of the AVE high speed train network through our region.

The sections are: Vera-Los Gallardos, Los Gallardos-Sorbas, Sorbas-Barranco de los Gafarillos, and Barranco de los Gafarillos – Los Arejos. In all, 27.6km of high speed rail network.

The contract involves all areas of the expropriation of terrain, from notifying owners, surveying damages and compensation and signing of the acts. The construction contract is also about to be signed, dependent upon final permissions from the state.

Remember that the line is supposed to be built by the end of next year, so it’s possible that not all of our rights will be respected when they stick the line in. As far as I know it still comes down from Sorbas, between Alfaix and the motorway, across Los Gallardos and Turre above the Rio Aguas, across the floodplains in front of Turre on an elevated bank (or even a bridge!), behind Oasis mobile home park and the Lomo Blanco, across between the houses and down to Vera Playa where the train station will be.

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