Valle Radio Times (the old 89.8fm)

Having finally realised that yes, 89.8fm is a silly name for a magazine, the Valle Radio team have relaunched the magazine as Valle Radio Times. Continuing with the silly name bit, as “Valle” is “Valley” in Spanish, but as it’s continued by “Radio Times” in English, it just looks as if they forgot to add the y.

It seemed a tad thin when I first picked it up. It’s the new standard format for magazines around here, a sort of A5 size, and I picked it up fully expecting it to be stuffed full of ads and have a couple of “found on the net the day before printing” articles.

So I was slightly disappointed to find quite a good article about 78rpm records, and a look back at “Those dancing years”. Not a spelling mistake in sight. And more contact numbers than you could shake a stick at.

It does strike me that they could do with linking it a bit more in with their Radio station, articles about what’s on and all that, but hey – it’s better than some of the rubbish that’s out there.

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