i want to run a bar in spain but got no money how do i do it

After a comment by “South of Watford” Graham about people finding his blog while searching for mine, I went back to the log files and spent a happy hour perusing it. Must do this more often as I do enjoy seeing how many mad people are out there.

Believe it or not…. somebody came to my site after entering into a search engine the phrase: “i want to run a bar in spain but got no money how do i do it“.

Also money orientated people, searching along the lines of “is cajamar bank mojacar playa safe or about to go bust” and “is thomas cook about to go under“.

here’s a good one: “mortadelo and filemon where mortadelo hurts someones foot“. (Mortadelo & Filemon are two detectives in a very popular Spanish comic & TV series. I think one of them shapechanges, or something, usually with “hilarious” results). Heavens only knows why they got to my site.

and another: “the communication of death is tongue with fire beyond language of living“. You what?

A sad one hinting at past problems while on holiday: “us consulate in la coruña, spain was very rude and didn’t help us at all!

And quite a few suggesting people are trying to better themselves, such as “want to subscribe to historia national geographic but i don’t live in spain

And some who simply like to pose philosophical questions about todays conflicts: “you think the words problems would disappear if people everywhere spoke the same language?yes or no?

Plus – sad to say- some people asking how to delete my website. I suspect I know which restaurants THEY own!

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