21st century chiringuitos being built in Roquetas

Mojacar is full of lovely old Chiringuitos or beach bars. Some have been in the same hands for 30 years. There used to be more, but the “authorities” don’t like them, saying that they’re untidy, ugly and within 150m of the sea. Of course they are, they’re Chiringuitos. But, of course, the “authorities” can’t distinguish between inoffensive family owned beach bars and huge multinational hotels, so the whole lot has to go.

Fortunantly, Mari Rosa hasn’t succeeded in knocking down the Mojacar beach bars (although Titos got a sharp slap on the wrist this summer) but in Roquetas the town hall has decided to run things properly, and have decided to erect “futuristic” beach bars, next to the paseo. There will be 8 or 9 of them, all built in the same long, low, stainless steel look and they will be rented out each summer, thus ensuring that A) only cronies of the mayor will get the franchise, and B) lack of interest will ensure that B.1) food will be substandard and most properly crap, B2) the place will fall apart from lack of maintainence.

Progress, eh?

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