2 English women drown in river in Valencia

4 English women were swept away by floodwater in the village of L’Olleria, Valencia, last night at about 8:30 as they tried to take a shortcut through a flooded river. 2 of them managed to scramble out of the river about 25m downstream; the other 2, a mother (47) and her 14 year old daughter, drowned and their bodies were found by emergency services at around 2.30 in the morning after a frantic search.] The daughter was a twin, whose sister alerted the police. (Story)

This after a cloudburst in which in a very short time over 110 litres per square meter of rain was registered.

Remember – those riverbeds were formed by rivers. Flashfloods, caused by the buildup of rainwater behind natural dams which then break, are very common with the current storms we are experiencing along the Costas. They are dangerous, and stay out of them if it’s raining in the mountains. You want to see some videos of just how much water comes down these rivers in a short time? Click here to see some on Youtube.

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