Parking warning in Granada

The GF had to go up to Granada today to transact some business. She parked in a street where she has parked many, many times before, just round the back of the family flat.

Returning a couple of hours later, the car had gone. After some investigations, she discovered that it had been towed, despite not being in a nonparking area.

The Local Policeman who assisted her nodded glumly and said that over the last couple of months the Ayuntamiento of Granada has been pushing its gruas to pick up as many cars as possible, in order to help swell the coffers of Ayuntamiento – and non local cars are easy pickings, as most people won’t bother fighting the fine if they don’t live in Granada.

So that’s €95 down the drain to get the car out. Plus the police fine, which hasn’t come through yet. Yes, she will be fighting the fine, but I can see a lot of paperwork in our future. So next time you go to Granada – stick the car in the carpark.

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