No longer will we have to carry around a spare set of lightbulbs in the car!

My car has xenon headlights and LCD brakes. I can’t change them myself, if I touch them they break and the car is designed so that I can’t easily fiddle around and pull them out. If they go, I have to take the car into the garage and pay a little man to swap the bulbs. Yet, if the police catch me without an (expensive and quickly broken) spare set of lightbulbs, I get fined €150.

So it was with delight that I saw that the head of the DGT (General Traffic Department) has announced that they will recommend that the government modifies the law in order to drop this particular rule, as it “no longer correspondon to modern day reality” . And “unofficially” will advise that the cops stop checking for the bulbs.

13000 people were fined last year for not carrying the spare set of bulbs. That’s…. almost 2 million euros!

4 Replies to “No longer will we have to carry around a spare set of lightbulbs in the car!”

  1. I was actually having a discussion with my Mrs about xenon bulbs a few hours ago. This blog is very interesting, I have learnt something new. Cheers from London!

  2. I bought some when I came across in the summer and was gonna buy some for my partner this xmas. I am very relieved because i wouldn’t have had the first idea how to change them. I’m the type to buy a new car when the ashtrays get too full!!

  3. You were going to buy your partner some car lightbulbs for Christmas ❓
    Romantic type, are you? 😆 😆 😆

  4. Lol – its the thought that counts – and we always buy each other one big and several stocking fillers!!!

    Good news today – fingers crossed but appear to have a pretty firm offer for the London house – January Alfaix here I come!!!

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