Hospederia Restaurant Virgen del Saliente, Albox

Hospederia Restaurante Virgen del Saliente, Albox.

The wonderful old monastery in Saliente (up above Albox, direction Velez Rubio), which is now a hotel and restaurant, has recently revamped its restaurant with a new manager, chef and menu. I haven’t been to its new incarnation but I’m told it’s wonderful.

Plus, of course, the views are to die for. It’s was supposedly the largest monastry in Eastern Andalucia – which, see as it’s also the last monastary in Eastern Andalucia, is not much of a boast. But it’s a wonderful old building, and put to much better use now as a restaurant and hotel then its previous function of harbouring dusty old monks.

Check it out at http://www.hospederiavirgendelsaliente.es.

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