Vaya mala leche

Somebody asked me the other to translate the phrase “Que mala leche que tenga ese”. So here goes…

There’s a good TV programme on \Cuatro at the moment, called Pekin Express, in which a bunch of Spanish couples have to hitch hike from Moscow to Beijing ( Along the way they have to carry out a number of tasks, some couples being eliminated and other getting prizes and advantadges.

This week, the winning couple got a 60Km head start by Lada. But, they got to choose two other couples to give a Lada to… only their Ladas would only take them 40Km. In the wrong direction.

And… this is the best bit… nobody told the other two couples this until the car dropped them off, 40Km in the wrong direction. After the TV crew filmed them thanking the winning couple for selecting them. One woman was in tears, she was so grateful. And, of course, the rest of the couples were filmed swearing for not being selected – and weren’t told until they all met up again two days later.

Mala Leche?. That’s mala leche. Vaya mala leche que tenga la que penso en eso. That nasty sense of humour that if, if queried, can be disguised as “all good fun between friends”. Only someone is enjoying the joke slightly more than they should.

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