Eye op (day 20)

It’s been quite a while since I posted on the eye op, so I thought I’d bring you all up to date, as I’ve had a few people ask after me.

As you remember, 20 days ago I had LASIK myopia correction eye surgery at the VISSUM clinics in Almeria (www.vissum.es).

Well, it’s been a miracle since then. While at first my vision was very blurry, I could focus easily – so while I had the impression that I couldn’t see very well, when it came to looking at the eye chart I could even read the little characters at the bottom! Couldn’t do that even with the contacts before.

Daylight vision is now strong, and better then before. Nighttime vision is still weak, and bright lights in the dark confuse me, which is a pain as before I always had very good night time vision. However, it improves daily and I am now confident driving at night. Shortly after the op, in the wine area at Super Turre, I had a nasty turn with all the lights shining off the bottles; now, not a problem.

No problems with the eyes, with the exception that if I don’t take the artificial tears at least twice a day they can get a bit sore, and last night I had terrible trouble in a smoky bar – I’m assured that this, too, will pass.

All in all? Thumbs up!

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