If they spend 200M on the AVE in Almeria, I´ll go home

Rafael Hernando, the national deputy for the PP, has publically stated that if the governments’ promise in the National Budget of 200 million euros for the AVE in 2009 comes true, he´ll give up and go home. But if it doesn´t, then he will expect the same of Diego Asensio, senator for the PSOE and the chap who is crowing about the “coup”.

It’s an impressive statement, but Rafael claims that it is impossible to spend 200 million on the AVE in Almería during 2009 as 80% is still missing the environmental reports, which could take up to two years to approve. He claims this is another example of the PSOE pulling the wool over our eyes and that this money has been promised to inflate the budget and give us a feel good feeling, safe in the knowledge that they will never have to find it.

He pointed out that in Murcia, where work has already started, only 100 million euros have been promised – since they will have to find that money.

Thinking about it, he may have a point. Thing is, Senator Diego Asensio promised earlier today that work on the AVE would start late 2009, and the money would be forthcoming. He probably wasn’t expecting Rafaels dare.

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