Caparros denies that illegal building continues in the Almanzora

Luis Caparros, the man from the Junta with shares in the local demolition company, publically said this morning that he does not believe that currently any more illegal buildings are being constructed in the Almanzora valley, and claims that the only construction being carried out in the area are with “all legal permits”. He also denied claims that construction of illegal houses have “accelerated” in order to take advantage of the legalisation plans – and claims that all illegal half built houses have been paralysed.

He also pointed out that neither he nor his team are police, and that he can only work with the information provided to him via the police, public prosecutors, town halls and other official bodies who carry out on the ground inspections.

He also reminded us of the important part that ecologist groups have to play in a modern society, but asked them to remember that common sense and a sense of publilc decorum is important to prevent spreading unnecessary public alarm. Not sure why he had to point this out, he may be building up to some sort of denouncement against Greenpeace?

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