Almeria contact with Foster was via “a cousin”

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Almeria town hall is very proud that world famous British architect Norman Foster is designing the new conference centre for the city. Important people have stood up and publicly stated self aggrandizing statements such as how “this proves Andalucia is on a par with China” and “Almeria is a world class city!” for attracting important architects.

So, the revelation that the original contact with Norman Foster was via a friend of the cousin of the Councilor for Taxes (Pablo Venzal) and not, as suggested before, via business contacts and interest from Norman himself, has left everyone looking a little silly.

The spokeperson for the PSOE in Almeria has sniffed that this is “not serious” and demanded to know the true story of how the town hall contacted Normal Foster, and under what conditions, before any more embarrassing stories came out.

No matter how much you dress them up in a suit – Almerienses are always Almerienses. And if you can help out a cousin during the awarding of a public contract – hey, who’s going to complain? Family first!

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