Euroweekly shows its true colours

Southern Spains worst newspaper, the “Euro Weekly”, has decided to turn its guns upon ex-owner Lenox Napier; apparently they are suing him for libel.

The back story to this little tale of lies, deceit, intrigue and excitement can be found on his website here: fraudinspain or his rather interesting blog. Lenox has never been shy in shouting about his past dealings with the fake tanned one. (Who wears fake tan in Spain?).

Not content with destroying him financially, they have decided that his chirping from our little corner of paradise is “insulting” to them. Mind boggling, and, I feel, ultimately self harming as nobody likes to see the little chap run over by the large S.A. Company. Leaving aside the whole fact that this will bring the whole issue back in the open again, which may not be a bright move.

However, anyone who has ever seen this rather cringe inducing website (no, I’m told it’s NOT a hoax) will know that the Euesdens egos are larger then their sense of taste, let alone common sense.

Anyone up for a “Save the Lenox” foundation?

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  1. Wow – that web-site is extraordinary. I’m about to become a Brit Abroad in Alfaix – please tell me how to avoid anyone like those 2!!

  2. “cringe inducing website”….what an understatement David. I foolishly followed the link and am still puking!

    Are these Plastic People or real human beings? Unbelieveable! Like something out of Thunderbirds…who are their agents….Gerry and Sylivia Anderson?

  3. Hudson – avoid anyone with a fake tan in Spain. That’s my rule of thumb and I’ve not yet been ripped off.

    By the way – On their “official” EWN website I clicked on a link that said “Take a look at what our happy clients are saying about us!” only to come up with a page that said:
    Sorry, no records found.

    See it here for a chuckle:

  4. Well, thanks for the support. They are indeed vulgar and their website is to cringe for. Oddly, you can access their page by putting up my name with a few doubleyous before and anything you want after… dot net, dot com aand dot co dot uk included. These rifraf also have a porn site (I understand he used to work in ‘rubber goods’ in Oldham in the mid nineties).
    She briefly ran a nite club on Mojacar beach in the early eighties (fact!).
    They are, and you can quote me, a canker on the face of British residents in Spain.

  5. For them to sue Lenox (or anyone else for that matter) they have to prove that what was said is untrue and there is no way they could achieve that (thankfully)….I would love to organise a convention of ALL ex-employees (and would-be competitors) of EWN who have been systematically insulted, abused, cheated etc etc etc by this disgusting pair of vultures…..and then hire a top rate voodoo doctor to make sure they couldn’t do it to anyone else!!!

  6. Hi.

    There seems to ba a lot of complaining about the Euro Weekly News across the internet – is another example.

    However, it’s no use moaning all the time. The only way to defeat these fraudsters is to boycott the companies who advertise in the EWN, and encourage your friends to do the same. Spread the word!

    Great blog by the way.

  7. Looks like ‘bottled it’ and took the unsavoury comments about the Euesdens down.

  8. Far be it from me to comment on these matters…. but I gather that and the Eusdens are… is “buddies” the mot jus? Not sure why. Both being based in the same village (San Pedro de Alcantara -not Puerto Banus, as Michelle claims- may help). That and the threat of legal action. Michelle is that colour for a reason you know.

    PS – Thanks Trevor for the vote of support.

  9. Just noticed an email from a concerned reader saying that I need to take care as She Of The Fake Tan has a pet lawyer.
    Fear not, so do I. C/ Doctor Fleming, nº 3 9º izq. 28036 Madrid is the address. They also have offices in Almeria, Mojacar, Bailen, Jaen, Malaga, and Vigo. Ask for Javier. If he’s out, Federico. Nice chaps. They both know me well. Both senior partners. I’m told they do a bit of part time work on the side for the Spanish government and the Junta.

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