El Ejido chiringuito rents “abusive”

El Ejido town hall has, as so many other shortsighted town halls have, bulldozed its Chiringuitos and instead installed futuristic looking beach bars which will be rented out. However, the local chamber of commerce has complained that the terms of rental are “abusive”. Annual rent is €22,000 (inflation linked), despite the high season only being for a couple of months in the summer. The rentee can “improve” on this rent if they want to improve Continue reading El Ejido chiringuito rents “abusive”

New English mayor who doesn’t speak Spanish

The mayoress of San Fulgencio, together with 4 other deputies, have all been arrested on charges of corruption. As an aside, they were arrested for trying to bribe another councillor who was blocking their original corrupt building project, so nobodies quite sure who was corrupt and who wasn’t. But by the by, it seems that Councillor No 6, a Mr Mark Lewis, is now in charge. However, it seems he doesn’t speak Spanish. Trouble looms, Continue reading New English mayor who doesn’t speak Spanish

Vera-Cartagena tollroad operator arrested for stealing €30,000

One of the tollbooth operators on the Vera – Cartagena toll road has been arrested by the Vera Guardia Civil for stealing some €30,000 in tolls. Ginesa C.R., from Cuevas and working at the Vera end of the road, was arrested after a covert operation by the toll road owner discovered he was pocketing the (somewhat high) fees.

National Police inspector jailed for blackmail “will not be dismissed”

E.M.A., the Policia Nacional Inspector who has just been jailed for 10 months for blackmailing a woman who was supposedly under his protection (she had been assigned a police direct liasion officer while giving evidence against an abusive partner) will not be dismissed from the force, the Andalucia head of the National Police confirmed. He had extorted several quantities of money from the woman under his protection, threatening that otherwise the case “would go against Continue reading National Police inspector jailed for blackmail “will not be dismissed”

President of KeyMare quits

D. Antonio Lopez, President (CEO) of KeyMare, the large building group that built such huge urbanizaciones in Vera and Murcia such as Al Andalus, Pueblo Salinas, Hacienda or Salinas de Vera, quit with immediate effect last night citing “personal reasons”. He called a meeting in the Vera-Hotel (of which KeyMare owns 51%), which was obligatory and at 6.30pm. People were called in from all parts of Spain, such as Murcia and Fuerteventura, so he wasn’t Continue reading President of KeyMare quits

Cheese tasting night 5th Nov at Degusta 22

I’m told that “Degusta 22”, the gourmet shop in Las Bouganvillas, Vera (the roundabout on the outskirts of Garrucha) is having a cheese tasting night with a professional… what do you call a cheese maker? Let´s leave it as a cheese and wine sommelier. Taking place on Wednesday 5th November, starting at 7.30pm, they will be combining the very finest in British cheeses with appropiate Spanish wines. Advice will be given to restauranteers looking to Continue reading Cheese tasting night 5th Nov at Degusta 22

iPhone not a success in Almería

To date, only 36 iPhones (Apples fancy mobile phone) have been sold in Almería. It’s the province in Spain with the least number of units sold. I was going to buy one, but thought… nah, it’s probably rubbish. I know Chris from Almerimarlife.com has one… so who’s got the other 35? Actually, just found two for sale in Almería on second hand sites, so that’s only 34 in circulation.

English Press in Spain

This was going to be a rant about the Euro Weekly and their racist, puerile, anti Magaret Thatcher columnists, but then I realised I couldn’t be bothered. So instead, I went for a short walk and looked at a rack of the “English” press. Here are the headlines: The Sun: “Russell yelled “Qué?” in bed (and didn’t know what he was doing)”. The Mirror: “Ross: I’m stupid. Brand: I Quit”. The Express: “Joke on us Continue reading English Press in Spain

Irish group to build large shopping mall in Vera

White Coast Investments, a Dublin based investment house, has been steadily buying up land in Vera since summer 07 and now have some 50,000m2 of land behind the Vera cementary where they are planning to build a large shopping mall with shops, multiscreen cinemas, restaurants, entertainments and the like. The project has the blessing of the town hall, which doesn’t mean too much, and is about to be sent to the Junta for approval by Continue reading Irish group to build large shopping mall in Vera

Falete’s ex-fiance may “like girls”

I have just watched the news on TVE1, Canal Sur, Cuatro, La Sexta, and 5. And every single one mentioned Falete, his (her?) breakup and the ex. Before, I may add, such important things as the bad weather or ETA terrorists arrested for forming a new cell. This happy little chap is Falete, the over weight, annoying, irratating pre op transexual Flamenco singer: and this is Ivan, the boyfriend who falsified his own kidnapping, apparantly Continue reading Falete’s ex-fiance may “like girls”