Se llama copla

A fun program currently running on Canal Sur (Andalucia) is an X-Factor style program, but for Coplas. A Copla, for those of you who don’t know, is a style of sung poetry put to music, usually flamenco style – very popular down south. I’m enjoying it! A load of young hopefuls are whittled down by a panel comprising of a moustached gitano who models himself on Simon Cowell (called Pive Amador, a name I hope Continue reading Se llama copla

Trouble a’brewing with Almerias fire brigade

There’s a’trouble brewing with the fire brigade of Almeria city. In short, the firemen have been complaining about being overstretched – not enough personnel or equipment. The Ayuntamiento counters this argument by saying that they are trying to recruit more personnel but it’s a long process training firemen. And now the Councilor for Hacienda (taxes) said in a public statement that he is “suspicious” of the amount of sick leave the firemen are taking. It’s Continue reading Trouble a’brewing with Almerias fire brigade

Almeria jailbirds “sleep with doors open”

CSI-CSIF, the union that represents, among others, the prison staff at El Acebuche (the large jail by the motorway before the airport), has made a formal complaint saying that the director of the jail is allowing category 3 prisoners to sleep with their doors open, according to This started during the Eurocup football, so they could stay up late without bothering the staff. However, they have now got used to the situation and nobody Continue reading Almeria jailbirds “sleep with doors open”

The Roquetas Murderer is arrested!!!

Amazing! The Guardia, after much political and social pressure, have hitched up their trousers, taken a deep breath, and arrested the gitano who killed Ousmane Kote and thus sparked the riots in Roquetas del Mar. Named as Juan Jose O.N., 26 years old and with the nickname “El Bollo”, was living in a small house hidden in between the greenhouses in the Los Llanos de la Canada area of Roquetas. Picture from No further Continue reading The Roquetas Murderer is arrested!!!

Crash at Loma Blanca

It appears that 4 south americans in car, overtaking on the blind corner on the Los Gallardos – Garrucha road, in front on the Loma Blanca / Oasis campsite, hit an oncoming car driven by an English couple. Early reports say that the English wife died in the crash and the husband was airlifted to hospital. The 4 south Americans have been taken to hospital by ambulance. There was another crash at the beginning of the Continue reading Crash at Loma Blanca

Cafe Bar El Paso (and the Bedar fiesta)

Cafe Bar El Paso, Bedar Last night, it occurred to us to go to the Bedar fiestas. Calling up J & Ali, up we popped. Yes, it was a Sunday, but based on previous years we expected some tapas and bars to be floating around, and we were hoping for a pleasant evening of tapas, beers, churros and good music. Boy, were we wrong. Turning up at 9ish, the only people at the bar were Continue reading Cafe Bar El Paso (and the Bedar fiesta)

Biggest waste of money this week

I thought that this little prize would go to the Yank NBA player Doug Christie and his wife for spending $6000 buying some 3000 shares of failed insurance company AIG – they thought that the money would go to the company, rather then the investor who owned those shares before, and trumpeted this saying it was the duty of all patriotic Americans to buy stock in the company. A naive yet slightly charming story. (Read Continue reading Biggest waste of money this week

Spanair crash investigation is descending into a farce.

With the announcement yesterday by the Commercial Pilot Association that the investigation is “ruined”, and the attempted resignation of their representatives to the Air Investigation Board, the investigation into the Spanair Madrid -Canary Islands crash has descended into a complete farce. The sole reason for establishing an Air Accidents Board is to find out the true cause of the accident. Not to proportion blame. That is for the later judicial reports and the Public Prosecutors, Continue reading Spanair crash investigation is descending into a farce.

Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso, Almerias most famous son

It was exactly 100 years ago today that Nicolás Salmerón Y Alonso, Almerias most famous son (as people as saying today) died in Pau, France. Born 10th of April 1838 in Almeria, to Francisco Salmeron Lopez, the town doctor and an noted free thinker of the age, and Rosalia Alonso Garcia, who later died in childbirth, he lived in Almeria until 1848 when he went to Granada to study Law & Philosophy and Arts. In Continue reading Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso, Almerias most famous son