Hollywood to make a film out of the bombing of Palomares

The infamous event that took place over Palomares the 17th of January, 1966, when an American B52 nuclear bomber dropped it’s 4 nuclear bombs after crashing into the refuelling tanker resuppling it, is to be made into a film according to the “Hollywood Reporter”.

You will remember that 3 of the bombs were quickly recovered, although one split open upon landing; the fourth was the subject of an intense search by US special forces and the Soviets, as it had landed in the sea and nobody could find it. After about 10 days of searching, they agreed to follow a local fisherman who had constantly said that he had seen it land – he took the Yanks straight to its resting place.

The US took the top 15cm of 10 square km back to the states with them (that’s why the land around Palomares is so flat!) and built a desalination plant in compensation. To keep the locals happy, Manuel Fraga, then Minister of Information and Tourism went swimming off the coast of Almeria in order to lay to rest the rumours of radioactive fish. (There is an intense rumour, unverified, that he actually went swimming off the coast of Carboneras, not Palomares, as he didn’t trust the fish either).

The film will be produced by Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan), and is written by Bob Dolan Smith (Grace under fire). No news on it’s release or filming date.

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  1. My bad spelling in this case is due to the lack of interest I have in the film. I simply stuck it in to fill up space!

    Plus…. are you griping because I made you drive behind me so slowly back to Turre? 🙂

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