Almeria jailbirds “sleep with doors open”

CSI-CSIF, the union that represents, among others, the prison staff at El Acebuche (the large jail by the motorway before the airport), has made a formal complaint saying that the director of the jail is allowing category 3 prisoners to sleep with their doors open, according to

This started during the Eurocup football, so they could stay up late without bothering the staff. However, they have now got used to the situation and nobody seems overly bothered about locking them in again.

There are some 70 Cat 3 prisioners in El Acebuche, in 24 cells. So far no problems have been reported, but that’s not really the point. No word on whether or not they wander around at night; probably all sit up watching the TV and drinking beer.

It’s worth pointing out that El Acebuche is a maximum security jail and has quite a few lifers, ETA members and other maximum security jailbirds. Cat 3 prisioners are the “short termers”.

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