The Roquetas Murderer is arrested!!!

Amazing! The Guardia, after much political and social pressure, have hitched up their trousers, taken a deep breath, and arrested the gitano who killed Ousmane Kote and thus sparked the riots in Roquetas del Mar. Named as Juan Jose O.N., 26 years old and with the nickname “El Bollo”, was living in a small house hidden in between the greenhouses in the Los Llanos de la Canada area of Roquetas. Picture from No further Continue reading The Roquetas Murderer is arrested!!!

Crash at Loma Blanca

It appears that 4 south americans in car, overtaking on the blind corner on the Los Gallardos – Garrucha road, in front on the Loma Blanca / Oasis campsite, hit an oncoming car driven by an English couple. Early reports say that the English wife died in the crash and the husband was airlifted to hospital. The 4 south Americans have been taken to hospital by ambulance. There was another crash at the beginning of the Continue reading Crash at Loma Blanca

Cafe Bar El Paso (and the Bedar fiesta)

Cafe Bar El Paso, Bedar Last night, it occurred to us to go to the Bedar fiestas. Calling up J & Ali, up we popped. Yes, it was a Sunday, but based on previous years we expected some tapas and bars to be floating around, and we were hoping for a pleasant evening of tapas, beers, churros and good music. Boy, were we wrong. Turning up at 9ish, the only people at the bar were Continue reading Cafe Bar El Paso (and the Bedar fiesta)