Biggest waste of money this week

I thought that this little prize would go to the Yank NBA player Doug Christie and his wife for spending $6000 buying some 3000 shares of failed insurance company AIG – they thought that the money would go to the company, rather then the investor who owned those shares before, and trumpeted this saying it was the duty of all patriotic Americans to buy stock in the company. A naive yet slightly charming story. (Read it here). And no doubt leaving someone happy to get the cash before trading in it’s shares stop.

But then I heard that J.K. Rowling (her of Harry Potter fame) has given Gordon Brown a cheque for a million quid. One Million Pounds. Currently €1,266,710.00. A lot of cash. But Gordon (him of “Mr Fiscal Prudence” fame) still has to find another 17 odd million quid to pay off the overdraft before he can even think of taking out an advert in the local press begging for votes.

Maybe he should have brought some of the gold he sold off so cheaply a few years ago. It’s doubled in price since he flogged it off at the low end of the market, so he would have been quids in, like the Asians who brought it at the time. Sorry, how did he get the nickname “Mr Fiscal Prudence” again?

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