Cantoria residents march went off well

Some three hundred Brits marched through the streets of Cantoria yesterday in a peaceful protest against the proposed demolition of 23 homes there. The Fiscal  of the Environment Dept of the Junta has lodged a request with the Courts of Huercal Overa to demolish the homes, located in the “El Fez” area of the village, and which the Junta claims were built on rustic land without permissions, while the current owners claim that they were built with local permits and that they were, on the whole, conned by corrupt local mayors and builders.

In general a sympethic ear from the Spanish press, El Ideal possibly touching a tad lightly on the subject, El Almeria being pro english and La Voz, as always, being as sympethetic as possible without pissing off their political masters. Who’d be a reporter there, eh? I see Lenox was quoted a few times, and the possibility of every Brit in Europe selling up and moving to Cyprus was mooted several times. Lenox – the wine in Cyprus is not as good as the local stuff. I can assure you. Cheap does not equal decent.

All main newspaper reminded us that these areas will be included under the new Plan General de Inspecciones de Vivienda de Andalucia. So don’t worry too much, try to spin out the court case for another 6 months then ask the judge to be included in the Plan General.

Read all about it! Lenox writes up the Cantoria demonstration over at Spanish Shilling. And the “official” press release from AUAN.

See news stories from Google News.

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