eye op (day 3)

I can see long distance, I can see short distance, but in between is a tad blurry. What the devil. Looks like a pea souper. Focussing is getting better, but earlier on in the office had a small fit of claustrophobia, for some reason. No pain, and vision is better than yesterday. Night vision not too good but I’m assured that this will improve.

As the doctors explained it, the eye and the brain has to readjust to the new vision, and they take a while to relearn the reflexes involved in focussing and night vision. Oh well.

As I (again) had to go to Almeria (business this time), that makes every day this week I’ve been there. I’m starting to get bored of the trip.

Also, since Ponce still haven’t managed to fix the Sky+, I’m watching a lot of Spanish TV. Getting into these clip shows. Very funny.

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