Policeman dies in Almeria chasing illegal taxi

21 year old Francisco Javier Balbín París, a local policeman in Almeria, who died on Tuesday after crashing his motorbike while chasing an illegal taxi that refused to stop at his command, was buried with full honours last night in Almeria. He had served only since last December. The Mayor of Almeria has declared two days of official mourning, with flags to be flown at half mast, and awarded the young man the Golden Medal of Continue reading Policeman dies in Almeria chasing illegal taxi

eye op (day 3)

I can see long distance, I can see short distance, but in between is a tad blurry. What the devil. Looks like a pea souper. Focussing is getting better, but earlier on in the office had a small fit of claustrophobia, for some reason. No pain, and vision is better than yesterday. Night vision not too good but I’m assured that this will improve. As the doctors explained it, the eye and the brain has Continue reading eye op (day 3)