eye op (day 2)

Woke up this morning and was half way towards putting my contacts in before I realised I didn’t have to. Ah hem. Had to go back to Almeria for a postop checkup, and the doctors were pleased with the progress. I’m having some trouble focussing close up (please excuse spelling mistakes) and ocassionally getting motion sickness – I’m assured this is normal as my brain adjusts to the new wavelenghts. No irritation and I can Continue reading eye op (day 2)

Explosion on board gas platform off coast of Almeria

The Medgaz floating platform which is assembling the Spain – Morrocco gas pipeline suffered an explosion in which at least 3 workers were killed this afternoon. The floating platform is believed to the most the largest and most advanced ship of its kind in the world, and was working off the coast of Algeria. It is believed to be an industrial accident caused, according to TV reports, by a fault in the wielding equipment. All Continue reading Explosion on board gas platform off coast of Almeria

Kayaking in Lake Baza

Last Saturday we went up to Lake Baza (Embalse Negratin, ask Beachcomber John) and hired some canoes. Damned good fun. The chappie only charged us €10 each. For 3.5 hours. And 8.2 km (according to Google Earth). They call is piraguismo in Spanish.  Justin sank, renacting the tintanic. And then, when struggling to shore, sank again in mud. The shores are mainly mud. We found a sunken cortijo, and claimed an island in the name Continue reading Kayaking in Lake Baza