Eye op (day 1)

Ouch. That was… painful. I’ve never seen my own cornea lifted up in front of me before. Spent the next 5 hours crying with the pain.

I can now see the moon in perfect vision. If there is a Ruskie on the moon at the mo, I can see him. Can’t see the buttons on the remote control, but never mind.

Both eyes were operated on at the same time. Vision is very blurry but I can see the TV and (at arms lenght) the computer screen.

Hang on, the gf has just found out I’m online so must disconnect now.

3 Replies to “Eye op (day 1)”

  1. Good to have you back 🙂 I tried to have mine done years ago but was told my lens was too thin 🙁 Maybe they coud do it now …….. where you have yours done?

  2. I have very bad vision. So short-sighted that I take my lenses out to read at night with one eye closed – as I can’t cross ’em hard enough to focus. Still, lenses and glasses to read during the day. At night though, in bed, I can read for hours with my head literally…
    buried in a book!

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