Roquetas “ready to flare up again” once police leave

According to almost all of the press (including El Correo Español from the País Vasco – well, they should have experience in finding the disaffected ringleaders of local gangs, coming from up there) the African population of Roquetas del Mar are lying low until the police leave, ready for a huge concerted attack on the Gitano population of the area.

A chap calling himself “Kofi”, 20 years old and from Ghana, said that he and his buddies were lying low ready for the attack. “Gitanos are dangerous” he said, “but we are more. For each one of us they kill we will take 3 of their lives in revenge. They treat us like animals – and now we are cornered”.

“Spanish residents” as the press calls them, have expressed concern and some are apparantly getting ready to leave the area, believing that a mass fight will break out the minute the police leave.

The press is generally stroking up alarms across the Peninsula about local, disaffected, unemployed immigrants who have been galvanised into action by the murder of Ousmane last week. Although giving such alarmist warnings probably only helps keeps the pressure up down there. No word from the Guardia Civil or politicians as to when the extra police units will leave, which is reinforcing the impression that they’re scared it will all blow up again when they leave. No word on finding the alledged killer (Gitano), either. They look after their own…

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