La Cantina Mexican restaurant, Mojacar Playa

There was a time when I was quiet tolerant of feeling a “bit queasy” after a meal out. I would tell myself “it’s the drink” or “maybe the sandwich I had for lunch”. But totting it up, that’s four times this year that I’ve been up at night after a dodgy meal. Once in Meson del Pobre restaurant Turre, after a bad prawn. One in Jaleo (in front) after some heated up venison that even a dog wouldn’t eat. Once from a fish bar in Garrucha whose name I forget. And now La Cantina Mexican restaurant on Mojacar Playa.

Yes, I’m grumpy. I’ve been up half the night, locked in the toilet. But I will testify that it was the Spicy Chorizo and Cheese starter I had. Dreadful bit of chorizo covered with cheese. Some stale nachos to start with. A foul caipirinha, no flavour, no love gone into making it. A reheated Enchilada. And a dodgy taco with more tasteless cheese – it tasted, felt and smelt like it had come out of a packet and into a microwave.

But, of course, with all the processed melted cheese over everything you can’t taste the ingredients.

Even the water seemed funny, the top was dodgy and it didn’t taste like Lanjaron. Didn’t have the seal you have to take off Lanjaron bottles, either. I sent the first one back the top was so loose, the second one was just as bad. But maybe I’m being cynical and they’ve just had the bottles in the back for a long time. How long have they been selling Lanjaron with the seal over the top? I couldn’t see the expiry date on either of the bottles…

I used to like the place (read previous review for La Cantina Mexican Restaurant Mojacar Playa), although I hadn’t been there for a while. The same unfriendly portly Mexican in charge. The place was packed, too – I was told that we were lucky to get a table by the Mexican. I thought we were in La Crisis?

This place is so busy, and it’s the only Mexican in town, that they just can’t be bothered to put any effort into any more. It’s gone downhill, and I’m not the only one saying this. Open up another better Mexican (is there such a thing as “good” mexican cuisine?) and it’ll be closed in a week.

Where is it?
La Cantina Mexican Restaurant Mojacar Playa
Paseo del Mediterraneo N2,
Complejo Tito, Mojacar Playa
Tlf + 34 950 478 841
La Cantina Website.

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