Carlos Cervantes (ex-mayor Mojacar) fined for slander

Carlos Cervantes Zamora, IU councillor in Mojacar and ex mayor of Mojacar, has been found guilty of slander against the local association “Salvemos Mojacar”, one of the local pressure groups against El Algarrobico. He repeatedly called the association members “maniuplators without shame” and many other unpleasent names, including in a famous interview with “Actualidad Almanzora”, the local newspaper.

2000€ to Salvemos Mojacar, a fine of 1000€ and costs against him was the judgement. This is the third time this has reached court, the case being abandoned by the judge for technical reasons the first two times. He’s an outspoken man, who always reminds me of Brian Blessed for some reason. Salvemos Mojacar had asked for more, but the judge thought this was fine.

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  1. Poor Carlos – the flamboyant fellow with the beard who used to run the Moors and Christians. Loudmouthed fellow from the Izquierda Unida (communist). Opinionated, never listened to anybody. Mayor a few times (in coalition with the oddest assortment of right-wing parties). Honest (by local standards). Vaguely anti-foreigner – but who isn’t these days?
    Anyway, Carlos is now in hospital with a brain tumour. Poor chap. I think the Salvemos Mojacar people might want to leave off him now.

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